Chicken, Fox and Mouse Fairy Tale

Chicken, Fox and Mouse Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, in a forest far from here, a chicken, a mouse, and a fox lived in a sieve of straw. One day, chicken, fox and mouse became friends. They also had a house.

When the chicken found a bean one day, she asked two of her friends:

“Who will help me plant the beans?”

Fox: “Sorry Sister Chicken, I can’t help it,” he said.

Then the chicken asked the mouse, and he gave the same answer. The chicken went to the field without making a sound. She took a small shovel and dug a hole for the beans and planted the beans. The bean bread chicken was very tired, she thought:

“I’ll go home and rest a bit” and went home.

Seeing her, two of her friends asked the chicken:

“Friend, what happened to you? Why are you so tired?”


“God bless you for helping me. Thanks to you, I got sweaty like this,” she said.

The fox and mouse could not make a sound to this reproach of the chicken. A few weeks have passed. The beans have sprouted and landed on the ground. Another time has passed. After a while, the bean grew and started to give its vegetables. The chicken asked again:

“Who will help me collect the beans?”

His friends replied, “Sorry, we’re tired,” again.

The chicken did not say anything to them again and gathered the beans alone. The chicken collected the beans and asked her friends for help to take them home. Her friends gave the same answer again. The chicken carried the beans home. Then she turned to her friends:

“Who will help me cook these beans?” she asked.

This time the fox and mouse replied, “We don’t know how to cook, I wish we knew so we could help you.”

Receiving this answer, the chicken went to the kitchen, cleaned and cooked the beans well, and then asked to her friends:

“Is there anyone to help me eat these?”

Fox and mouse in unison replied:

“I, me, me,”

But Chicken had no intention of giving this dish to her friends.

“Oh! You helped a lot and you deserved the food, right?” She replied and sat down at the table and ate the meal by herself.

Chicken, Fox and Mouse Fairy Tale finished at here.

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