The Cunning Fox and Foolish Crow

The Cunning Fox and Foolish Crow

You know the foxes, they are very cunning. Especially if they saw a meal, their cunning would be double. One day, there was a crow dancing cheerfully on the branch of a tree in the forest. The crow was very happy because it had a huge piece of cheese in its mouth, and the crow was very, very happy to eat the cheese it found.

He was about to eat the huge cheese in his mouth that a fox passing through had seen the crow. The cunning fox made a plan to get the cheese from the foolish crow.

Then he said to the crow:

“Hello Crow sister, how beautiful you are, your voice is very beautiful, all the animals in the forest speak the beauty of your voice”. Having heard these good words, the crow was very happy and said:

-“I will sing a beautiful song for you.”

As soon as she opened his mouth to sing a song, she also dropped the huge piece of cheese from her mouth. The cunning fox immediately took the falling piece of cheese and ran away. The crow with an empty hand was very surprised first and then realized that the fox deceived her.

Source: La Fontaine Fairy Tales, The Cunning Fox and Foolish Crow.

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