The Bear and Cunning Fox

The Bear and Cunning Fox Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, a fox and a bear  lived in a forest which is far from the people. One day, they met and became friends. While these were at hunt, suddenly the fox jumped and jumped on the bear’s back.

Bear:”Fox sister, what’s going on, what are you doing?” he said.

Fox: “Wait, brother. I’m exhausted. Let me smoke a cigarette. ” she answered.

The bear did not make a sound first, but a little later he was very angry when the cigarette’s fever fell and it started to burn the bear’s feathers.

The fox, as they passed by a lake at the time: “Bear brother, run to the lake if you have a mind,” then she quickly moved away from the bear.

But after the fox ran a little, she started to think despairingly: “I burned him, and now I am running away. If he catches me one day, he won’t leave me alive. ”

Then she thought, eventually went to a mill and bought flour. She applying flour to his face, eyes and all of her body. After applied flour to her body she suddenly met with bear.

Bear: “Did you think you would get rid of my hand after burning me fox sister? Now I will eat you well. ” he started walking towards the fox.

When the fox realized that the bear is coming, she immediately thought a cunning.

Then said to the bear: “What have I done to you, Mr. Bear?” The bear thought that she did not know what she was doing.

When the bear tells what happened one by one: “Friend, I’m not what you’re looking for. Look, I’m coming from the mill, I’m in the flour. I don’t know who you are, ” she lied.

The bear went on its way to find the fox that burned him. Thus, the fox got rid of food for the bear thanks to its cunning.

The Bear and Cunning Fox fairy tale is over here.

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