Hen and Her Golden Egg Fairy Talezz

Hen and Her Golden Egg Fairy Talezz

Once upon a time. There was a poor man in a remote village. One day this man went to the market and bought a chicken for his house. The man first made a nice henhouse for his chicken. Then he fed the chicken well with the wheat he collected from the field. He dreamed of the egg he would get the next day and went home.

The next day, the man went into the henhouse to get the chicken’s egg. But he was very surprised by the sight he saw. Because the egg was shining like gold. He took the egg in his hand and looked it for a long time. He saw that the egg was really golden. It was like he was going to fly with joy. He immediately ran home and hid the golden egg under his bed.

The next day, the hen lays another golden egg. In the following days, the chicken continued to lay golden eggs. By the way, he became very rich thanks to the Golden eggs he sold.

When this man made a lot of money, his habit also changed. He became a greedy person and was not satisfied with the money he had. The more the peasant earned, the more he wanted to earn. The villager, who started to find less one golden egg every day, cut his chicken greedily to get more gold. He cut the chicken’s belly but couldn’t find anything. Thus, the greedy peasant, whose eyes were greedy, could not have the golden eggs again.

The Hen and Her Golden Egg Fairy Talezz is over here.

Source: Tales of La Fontaine

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