Tale of the Bat and the Weasel

Tale of the Bat and the Weasel

Once upon a time, there was a homeless bat in the forest. Since this bat is very lazy, he does not take the trouble to build a house for himself, but uses the poppies’ nests when he has the opportunity.

One day the bat was looking for a poppy nest where it could rest again. While wandering, he saw an empty ferret nest and immediately called inside.

-Huh! Is there anybody? ” When there was no sound, he realized that the nest was empty and immediately entered the nest and started to sleep. But the weasel that owns this nest was a rat-enemy ferret.

After a while, the poppy came to his house. When the bat heard the poppy’s entrance to the house, it woke up. When the weasel entered the bedroom, he saw the bat and suddenly said:

– “He shouted, “Death to mice!”

The bat calmly said:

-“You are wrong my friend, I am not a Mouse ”.


-“Well! “What are you?”


-“Are you blind? Look, I have wings,” he replied.

When the weasel saw the wings of the bat, he believed it and let it go.

Another day the bat saw another poppy nest and entered it. The weasel, the owner of this nest, was hostile to birds. After a while, when he returned to his nest and saw the bat:

-“Death to the birds!” He shouted.


– You are wrong my friend, I’m not a bird, I’m a mouse. Look at my soft short hair! Look at my mouth, teeth, ears. “Where do I have a bird-like?”

The weasel believed the words of the bat and let it go. The lazy bat set off again to find an empty weasel nest.

Our the tale of Bat and Weasel ends here.

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