The Camel and Ant Fairy Tale

The Camel and Ant Fairy Tale

“The camel envied the ant, realizing the difficulty of working for someone else.

Pity Camel …

Once upon a time. There was a camel traveling through the desert with its load on its back. This camel was so tired under the load it carried that it wanted its owner to take a break as soon as possible. The camel, seeing a lush green oasis in the middle of the desert, realized that its owner was going to take a break there and accelerated to rest in the shade of the trees.

The Owner of the Camel collapsed the camel to rest under the trees and then lowered the load on the camel. The camel became so light after its burden that it felt in the sultan’s barn.

The camel drank its water and recovered, then began to look around. He saw a piece of straw move on the ground. the camel paid attention and noticed an ant under the straw. The camel was stunned when he realized that the ant was carrying a piece of straw ten times heavier than it. because although he was very large he could only carry 4-5 sack loads. then he called out to the ant.

He asked, “Hey ant brother, how can you carry a load ten times heavier than you, but I cannot carry a load that is half the weight of myself?”

The ant put aside the piece of straw it carried and first breathed and then:

‘What is there not to know that camel brother! I am carrying this burden both for myself and for my friends, ‘he replied.

The camel envied the ant, realizing the difficulty of working for someone else.

The Camel and Ant Fairy Tale is also finished here.

It s translated by Orhan Harisoglu from Turkish to English…

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