Mule and Camel Story

Mule and Camel Story

Once upon a time there was a selfish and arrogant mule. This mule didn’t mind looking in front of him while walking down the road. For this reason, the feet of the mule constantly stumbled and stumbled. Walking on the road was beginning to cause him incredible pain. The camel that walks next to him is neither stumbling nor complaining.

He began to think, “Is this my destiny?” “And why is it my destiny?” Unable to understand this situation, the mule said to the camel they walked with.

“Hey friend! Even though I stumble and fall five or ten times a day, you don’t fall once. What is the wisdom in this? My whole place is in bruises! What is the reason of this? Tell me, and I’ll get out of this trouble, ”he said.

The camel said to his companion:

“My height is tall. Therefore, I see my front very easily. Looking down from a mountain top, I can see the plains, pits, and bumps at the foot of the mountain. So my foot neither touches the stone nor falls into the pit, ”he replied.

Mule was very upset to hear this. Tears started to flow from his eyes. The mule bent his neck and said:

“You’re right, camel brother, I always stumble because I am short.”

The camel saw that the mule was very sad:

“Since you have accepted the truth, then my Almighty Lord will save you from these troubles. I am sure that you will neither stumble nor fall into the pit again. That way you will keep your feet firm and not suffer, ”he said.

Mule saw that self-arrogance was a bad thought, remembered the blessings Allah had given him (that is, his eyes, his feet, his strength, his breathing …) and he made a promise to himself that he would not like himself again.

The exemplary conversation between Mule and Camel story ended here.

Source: Mevlana Calaladdin Rumi, From His Mesnevi Book.

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