The Immortal Rooster Fairy Tale

The Immortal Rooster Fairy Tale

There was a rooster. It was live in a village. His name was Immortal Rooster. One day the immortal rooster dug in the trash and found some gold coins. He flew up onto the cottage roof and began crying:

 -‘Uuuruuu! Uuuruu! Uuuruu! I’ve found some money.’

The king heard him and ordered his soldiers to take the gold coins away from the rooster and bring them to him. The soldier as they were in structed and brought the coins to the king.

The rooster cried:

-‘Uuuruuu! Uuuruu! Uuuruu! The king has taken my wealth!’

The king gave the gold coins to his soldiers and said:

-‘Take the gold coins back to the rooster. I’m not going to let that rascal shame me before the entire world.’

 The soldiers gave the gold coins back to the rooster. The rooster flew up onto the cot tage roof and cried:

-‘Uuuruuu! Uuuruu! Uuuruu! The king is afraid of me, so he gave back my money.’

The king got angry and barked order to his soldiers:

-‘Go grab that rascal! Cut off his head and boil him. Then give him to me. I’ll eat him for dinner and then I’ll be rid of him.’

The soldiers did as the king had ordered. They caught the rooster. As the king’s men were carrying the rooster to the king, the rooster cried:

  -‘Uuuruuu! Uuuruu! Uuuruu! The king has invited me to dinner.’

The king’s servants slaughtered the rooster and placed him in a large kettle for boiling him. But the rooster couldn’t be stopped:

 -‘Uuuruuu! Uuuruu! Uuuruu! The king has ordered that a hot bath be prepared for me.’

The rooster was cooked and placed before the king. Again the rooster cried out:

  -‘Uuuruuu! Uuuruu! Uuuruu! I’m sitting down to eat with the king.’

The king grabbed the rooster and swallowed him, bones and all. The rooster, already in the king’s throat, never the less cried out:

 -‘Uuuruuu! Uuuruu! Uuuruu! I’m going down a narrow street.’

The king saw that still the rooster couldn’t be silenced. He ordered the soldiers to draw their sabers and stand in readiness to chop the rooster to bits should he cry out again. The soldiers drew their sabers. They stood, ready to attack. When the rooster reached the king’s stomach, he cried:

 -‘Uuuruuu! Uuuruu! Uuuruu! I used to live in the bright world, but I’ve fallen into a dark kingdom.`

‘Chop him to bits,’ ordered the king. The soldiers began chopping at the king’s belly and cut it open. The rooster jumped out and ran away. The rooster flew onto the palace roof and cried:

 -‘Uuuruuu! Uuuruu! Uuuruu!

(From Bonnie C. Marshall’s ‘The Flower of Paradise and Other Armenian Tales’ The Immortal Rooster Fairy Tale)

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