The Fish and Bad Snake

The Fish and Bad Snake Fairy Tale

One day, a snake and a fish became friends. The snake said:

– My brother, I Wonder what is on seas,  oceans and islands.  I wish I could see them.

The Fish said :

– My Snake sister, I can help you.

The snake asked curiously:

-So how is it? I wish you helped me.

The fish:

– Ride on to my back then. Let me take you on a beautiful journey.

The snake ride on the fish’s back and began to slowly sail together. They moved a little that the snake bit the back of the fish.

The fish:

– Why did you bite me?

– Sorry my fish brother. It was accidentally, the snake said.

They went a little further. The snake bit the fish again from its back.

The fish:

– Snake, why did you bite me again?

Snake replied:

– Sorry my fish brother, the sun dizzied me. I bit by mistake.

After some more, the snake bit the fish again from its back.

The fish:

– Why did the you bite me again?


“Bite is my nature,” and her intention was to eat the fish.

The fish started to dive deep into the ocean. The snake was swollen in the water and then drowned. She would never be able to bite anyone again.

The fish and bad snake fairy tale is also finished here.

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