The Wolf and Cunning Fox

The Wolf and Cunning Fox

Once upon a time there was a wolf and a fox. During the summer, wolf prepared his food and lined it to his house’s warehouse to spend the winter in comfort. The fox roamed throughout the summer. The day has come and the winter has come. Wolf lived peacefully in his warm home. Fox, who did not prepare food for the winter, started to hit her head.

One day, the fox, who got hungry, decided to knock on the wolf’s door, as he had no other choice. When the fox knocked on the door, the wolf opened the door.


“Oh, my wolf brother, I froze from the cold, let me get a little warm,” he said.


“It is not right for us to stay with together, I can eat you when I am bored.” he answered. But after a while, the wolf could not bear the pathetic pleading of fox and opened the door. After the wolf had a little chat with the fox, he slept on the edge of the stove when his sleep came. Seeing the wolf sleeping, the fox took advantage of the opportunity and started to look for food at home. While mixing right and left, he found a cube halva and a cube oil. While eating these foods;

Fox thought, “If the wolf wakes up while I eat these foods, he eat me in a snap.” Then he went and knocked on the door as if someone was at the door. The wolf awakened from sleep and:

“Who’s knocking at my door?” the wolf asked.

The fox told him:

A rabbit with a spotted spot has come and calls you to the guest, ”he said.


“I have a lot of sleep, I can’t go anywhere,” he replied and continued to sleep as he put his head on the pillow. The fox looked that wolf was about to die of insomnia. The crafty fox ate the halva and oil beautifully, then came to near of the wolf and slept.

After a while, the wolf who woke up from sleep wanted to eat halva. What does he see when he open the cubes and look? Wind blows in place of oil and halva!

Considering that the fox eats oil and halvah, the wolf said:

“You ate my oil and halvah. Now I’m going to shatter you, ”he said.

The fox begged, burned, swore:

“By God I did not eat.” said.

When the fox realized that it could not make the wolf believe:

“Let’s go to the edge of the stove. Whoever of us melts the oil on the side of the stove, he is the culprit.
So he deceived and convinced the wolf. Then they both reached the edge of the fire. The Cunning Fox waited for the wolf to sleep, then he took the oil from the bottom of the cube, went to the bed facing the fire, and then went to bed. After a while, they both looked at them when they woke up. They saw that the wolf’s side facing the stove was greasy. The fox on this:

You ate the oil and halva, you throw it on me. ” In this case, the wolf had to leave his house and leave because he had no words to say.

Thus, the house was foxed and spent the winter in a warm nest.

The Fox and Wolf tale is over here.

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