The Rooster and Fox Fairy Tale

The Rooster and Fox Fairy Tale

There once lived an old woman and an old man in a little farm. They had a dog and a rooster. The dog grew tired of guarding the yard, and the rooster grew tired of getting up early every morning to awaken the house hold.

They have been thinking that they have too much work to do. Finally, the dog and the rooster decided to run away from the old couple. They resolved to escape to the forest, where they planned to live with out working.

 One morning before the old couple got out of bed, the dog crept out the door and went into the yard, where the rooster joined her. The run aways walked through the gate and made a dash for the forest. The forest pleased the pair no end, so the rooster began singing loudly.

A fox heard the rooster’s loud voice and thought:

-‘ Oh my God! A rooster is singing. That’s nice. Now I’ll have a wonderful meal.’

 The fox hurried to the tree on which the rooster was perched. The fox approached him and asked:

-‘How did you happen to show up here in the forest?’

The rooster replied:

-‘We came here to build a home.’

The fox proposed:

-‘ Let’s measure a plot of land for the building site.’

The rooster replied:

-‘Our engineer is over there beneath the bush. Ask him and see what he says.’

The fox thought that there was an other rooster under the bush. The fox thought, ‘that’s wonderful, now I’ll have enough to eat for two meals.’

 The fox rushed to ward the bush. However, when the fox drew near, the dog jumped out and grabbed the fox by the throat. The discouraged fox turned and ran away. As he ran, he gave a back ward glance and yelled:

-‘You’ll never build a house with an engineer like that!’

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