The Pugi and His Neighbor

The Pugi and His Neighbor Fairy Tale 1

There was a silly man and his name was Pugi who was lived in a village. One day Pugi’s neighbor came and said:

-‘Hi my my friend, how are you?’


-‘Thank you my friend, I am fine thank you. How can I help my friend?’

-‘I need a donkey. Can you give me your donkey? So that I can go to the mill to get my grain.’


-‘My dear friend, I would give you the donkey gladly, but he’s not at home.’

At that moment, the donkey began braying loudly in the barn.

Neighbor heard the braying donkey and said:

 -‘You have the nerve to say that the donkey’s not at home!’


 -‘Hey, you are an amazing man. You don’t believe me, but you believe my donkey.’

The Pugi and His Neighbor 2

One day Pugi caught a raven and brought it home.

His neighbor asked:

-‘ Why do you need a raven? What use is it?

The Pugi answered:

-‘It is said that the raven lives for 200 years. If it lives with me, I’ll be able to find out whether or not it’s true.’

The Pugi and His Neighbors Fairy Tales finished at here.

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