Do body of Taliban Militants decay?

Do body of Taliban Militants decay?

We came across a VERY INTERESTING claim. We wanted to share this claim with our readers. A question to you? How can a corpse not rot?

Yeah! The Red Cross reported that the bodies of the Taliban militants were not rotting. We wonder if this could be true?

Don’t the corpses of the Taliban militants rot?

But first let’s see who the Taliban is?

Taliban mean is students, plural of Talib (student).

Founder of Taliban is Mullah Mohammed Omar. He started to resist with his 50 students. Mullah Mohammed died in 2013.

Most members of Taliban are Pashtun, the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan.

The exact number of Taliban forces is unknown.

The Goal of Taliban is to impose its interpretation of Islamic law on Afghanistan.

At Soviet-Afghan War in Afghanistan (1979-1989), the Soviet Union gave support to the communist Afghan government, Muslim insurgents, rallied to fight a jihad (or holy war) against the invaders.

When The Soviet Union invades and occupies Afghanistan (1979-1989),  Afghan resistance fighters, known collectively as mujahedeen, fight back.

When The Soviet Union withdraws (1993), fighting among the mujahedeens launched a big chaos in Afghaistan. In this chaos The Taliban was formed by Mullah Mohammed Omar.

In 1994 The Taliban seize the city of Kandahar then seized Kabul in 1996.

The Taliban issue an edict renaming Afghanistan the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan(1997). The country is only officially recognized by three countries: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Omar forges a relationship with Osama bin Laden, who then moves his base of operations to Kandahar. In 1998 captured the strategic city of Mazar-e-Sharif, gaining control of about 90% of Afghanistan.

Less than a month after terrorists linked to al Qaeda carried out the 9/11 attacks, American and allied forces begin an invasion of Afghanistan called Operation Enduring Freedom, to stop the Taliban from providing a safe haven to al Qaeda and to stop al Qaeda’s use of Afghanistan as a base of operations for terrorist activities. In same year The Taliban loses its last major stronghold as the city of Kandahar falls. ( Source )

Now let’s see what that interesting claim is?

Is This Assertion True?

Don’t the corpses of the Taliban militants rot?

The Committee of the American Red Cross has released a report on its webpage regarding the bodies of the dead (martyred) Taliban compared to those of foreign forces. The Committee which had the duty of collecting and burying the dead in Mazar Sharif province of Afghanistan was astonished to observe that the bodies of the slain Taliban had not decayed nor gave off any foul odour.

According to the report, the investigators initially thought that the cold weather was the reason for this phenomenon. However, this theory was shattered because the bodies of the northern alliance soldiers which were lying in the same area had decayed and were letting off a foul, nauseating smell. ( Source )

We wonder the reality of the interesting claim. Do body of Taliban Militants decay? So you?

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