Kangal Shepherd Dog Features

Kangal Shepherd Dog Features

How do we know if the Kangal puppy is original? What are the pedigree original coil dog features, how to understand, the main coil features?

Anatolian Turkish Kangal Shepherd Dog Features

– Kangal dogs are a dog breed that is not trained like other dog breeds.

 -They lived with people for centuries in Anatolia.

 -They protected the herds of people, their homes against predatory and external dangers.

-Today, the importance of coil dogs has just started to be understood and has come to the place it deserves.

-The biggest danger for our Kangal dogs is that they are mated with different breeds to make them look bigger. this causes their natural qualities to be lost.

-People who will own a Kangal dog should pay attention to their natural features. Not every big looking dog is a coil. Pure coil has certain racial characteristics. Among them are his superior feelings and race characteristics.

-Kangal dog tail structure is perpendicular upward and curved, which is the shape of our bagel tail.

-Ears are cut in coiled dogs. their ears are cut at an average of five or six months.

-The purpose of cutting the ears is to avoid getting caught in the ear during wrestling with the wolf. If your dog is not taken for sheep, that is, if it is taken in the garden or for field protection, it does not need to be cut off.

 -The body structure of the Kangal dogs is muscular and has a square appearance. In general, the body color is gray. Again, on the hind legs, we can call wolf claws or one or more nails that are called extra fingers.


How is the Kangal dog against women and children? Are Kangal dogs aggressive?

-Kangal dogs are very docile towards people, especially to the owner, children and women. He has the instinct to understand when he likes when the owner can be angry. It has an aggressive structure in terms of protecting its area against foreigners. they have the instinct to predict who and when the danger will come. It protects its area very well. Like other dog breeds, he does not attack to kill, when he neutralizes, he waits at the head and waits for the owner to come.


Coil dogs females enter the mating period twice a year (angry period) Male coils are ready to mate at any time. Kangal dogs do not mate with their siblings. This is among their distinctive features.


What do Kangal dogs eat? Barley flour, yal made to Kangal dogs! Are Kangal dogs difficult to maintain?

Kangal dogs are carnivores, they feed on bones and meat. They eat bread too. An adult coil can be fed by eating one meal a day. Despite being a large race, their consumption is not so much. It is easy to maintain.

Source: Fatih Arslan, Kangal Shepherd Dog Features.

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