Features of Bears

Features of Bears

How are bears alive? What are the main features of these bears?

There are eight known bears. These are Brown Bear, Polar Bear, Asian Black Bear, American Black Bear, Malayan Bear, Lazy Bear, Glasses Bear and Panda.

What are the features of bears?

-It is one of the most predatory animals.

-Bear’s bodies are covered with fluffy and long hair.

-Bear’s legs are short but thick.

-Thanks to their clawed claws, they can climb trees very well. So don’t try to climb the tree while running from the bear.

-Bears are very good swimmers. They are also very good fish catchers.

-Hearing senses are highly developed. In addition, their sense of smell is also highly developed.

-They can be fed with both plants and meat.

-They live between 10 and 45 years depending on the type. The longest-lived species is Brown Bear. Their number in the world is decreasing day by day and they are under protection by many states.

-They love honey. Thanks to their thick and hairy bodies, they are protected from bee stings.

Little Bear

-It runs at a speed of 48 kilometers per hour. Therefore, do not run when you meet the bear. Make the dead trick, make sure it moves away from you, and get away from there immediately.

-Bears hibernate. They spend the winter with the fat they collect in their bodies. Bears that get out of hibernation with the spring bear will therefore be weakened.

-Bear bears a pregnancy period of 7-8 months. They give birth to 1 to 7 puppies at each birth. Bears suckling their cubs for up to 3 and a half months after birth. Then they teach their young to hunt.

-Bears did not have sexual attacks on women. However, some fairy tales can also marry a woman with a bear.

-If male bears want to mate with a female bear and the female bear has offspring, the male bear can kill the offspring to mate with that female bear.

-In some cultures, there is a belief that the bear’s sexual power is very high. For example, in India, a man killed male bears for 6 years and ate the sexual organ of these bears. He was finally caught and imprisoned. He said that he did this with the idea that it increases sexual emotion.

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