Indian Golden Oriole Features

What are Indian Golden Oriole Features

-Indian Golden Oriole is a member of the Oriole family of songbirds.

-Oriole Orioles make their nests on high treetops.

-It is a songbird, brightly colored, with yellow and black feathers, fed with fruits such as mulberry and figs and small insects.

-The male of the yellowbird has a bright yellow hair. The wing and tail are black. It has colors that are peaceful and lively. It is very difficult to see this beauty created by yellow and black colors elsewhere in nature.

-The female of the Oriole is pale than its male. Its back is olive green and the abdomen is gray hairy.

-It is a migratory bird species.

-Despite its bright black and yellow plumage, it is quite difficult to see through the leaves.

-Their beak is dark pink. The feathers on the feet are gray.

-They usually make their nests on poplar trees. They make their nests on branch forks on trees with small pieces of bushes.

-They love sweet fruits such as meats, pears and figs and the insects that come to these fruits.

-The incubation period is about two weeks. They lay 3-4 eggs.

-The male feeds the female in the nest during the incubation period. They raise the offspring together. Hunting of these birds without flying their nests can endanger the life of the offspring.

-Puppies, male and female accompany them when they first leave the nest. Towards the end of August, the offspring leave their nests.

-Because they are slightly larger than other birds, they are among the birds that hunters especially want to shoot in autumn. However, it should not be forgotten that they are both living creatures and beautiful creatures. Hitting them is no different than killing nature.

Source: Orhan Harisoğlu, Indian Golden Oriole Features.

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