Little Cat and Tiger

Little Cat and Tiger Fairy Tale

There was a little cat and a tiger. One day  the cat met tiger. The tiger bared his teeth, stretched out his claws, and was about to eat little cat. But the cat said:

-‘My dear sir, you have not think that you are the only king of beasts. Your courage does not compare with my own. Let us walk together, and do you keep behind me. And if men catch sight of me and do not fear me, then you may eat me.’

The tiger was willing, and so the cat led him along a broad highway. But the travelers, when they saw the tiger in the distance, were all frightened and ran away.

Then the little cat said:

How about it? I went in advance, and the men saw me and had not as yet seen you.’

And thereupon the tiger drew in his tail and ran away himself.

The tiger had remarked quite well that the men were afraid of the cat, but he had not noticed that the cat had borrowed the terror he inspired from him.

We want to publish of world fairy tales for children. For do this, send to us which you have.

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