The Frog and Scorpion Fairy Tale

The Frog and Scorpion Fairy Tale

On a hot summer day, the scorpion, who wants to see his relatives, comes to the edge of the river. A frog was sunbathing. The scorpion went to near of frog and said:

“Would you take me to the other side?”

The frog was sad about the situation of the scorpion and said:

“Well, ride on to my back.”

“When they came into the middle of the water the scorpion began to

dip the needle into the frog.

The frog:

“Oh my friend, what are you doing?”

Scorpion said:

“Frog brother, I’m kidding. Dip the needle is our habit.”

The Frog:                  

“Oh, it means … You always dip your needle?” After saying this, he started to dive into the water slowly.

This time the scorpion started begging:

“Oh, frog brother, what are you doing now you’re going to strangle me, I don’t know how to swim. “

The Frog:

Scorpion brother, then you will not dip your needles and I will not immerse you in the water.”

Following the bilateral agreement, the frog let the scorpion other side the river.

The frog and scorpion fairy tale finished at here.

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